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Splash Pads & Pools for Summer 2018

by Sebastian Fortino
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Portland Parks & Recreation splash pads and fountains can help you cool off; reminder that ALL indoor and outdoor pools CLOSED for staff training on Monday, June 18


Portland’s first stretch of hot summer weather is here. Keep cool in Portland Parks & Recreation fountains and neighborhood park splash pads where you can play in the water, located across the city.

Interactive Fountains

Interactive fountains are open during regular park hours. They are great for playing in, but not for drinking. Like a swimming pool, fountains recirculate treated water. Please help us keep the fountains clean for all to enjoy.


·         Bill Naito Legacy Fountain at Waterfront Park - at SW Ankeny near the Burnside Bridge

·         Teachers Fountain at Director Park - 815 SW Park Avenue 

·         Holladay Park - NE 11th Avenue and Holladay Street

·         Grant Park - NE 33rd Avenue and US Grant Place (closed for repairs)

·         Jamison Square - 810 NW 11th Avenue 

·         McCoy Park - N Trenton Street and Newman Avenue 

·         Salmon Springs Fountain at Waterfront Park - Naito Parkway at SW Salmon Street


Splash Pads


Splash pads are open daily from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, between 11am—7pm.


·         Colonel Summer Park - SE 17th Avenue and Taylor Street

·         Columbia Park and Annex - N Lombard Street and Woolsey Avenue

·         Dawson Park - N Stanton Street and Williams Avenue

·         Earl Boyles Park - east of SE 107th Avenue and Francis Street

·         Elizabeth Caruthers Park - 3508 SW Moody Avenue

·         Essex Park  - SE 79th Avenue and Center Street  

·         Farragut Park - N Kerby Avenue and Farragut Street  

·         Irving Park - NE 7th Avenue and Fremont Street

·         Kenton Park  - 8417 N Brandon Avenue (opening mid-June)

·         Khunamokwst Park  - 5200 NE Alberta Street

·         Luuwit View Park - NE 127th Avenue and Fremont Street

·         Northgate Park  - N Geneva Avenue and Fessenden Street (closed for repairs)

·         Peninsula Park - 700 N Rosa Parks Way

·         Pier Park - N Lombard Street and Bruce Avenue

·         Raymond Park  - SE 118th Avenue and Raymond Street

·         Spring Garden Park – 3332 SW Spring Garden Street (park just opened; info is not yet online)

·         Woodlawn Park  - NE 13th Avenue and Dekum Street





Check here for the latest information about closures and changes due to extreme weather conditions.





Another fun summer of outdoor swimming and other aquatic activities with Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) Aquatics is on tap!


PP&R pool schedules and info are available at portlandoregon.gov/parks/38284.

Outdoor Pools (opening June 19, 2018)

·         Creston Pool4454 SE Powell Blvd, (503) 823-3672

·         Grant Pool, 2300 NE 33rd Avenue, (503) 823-3674

·         Montavilla Pool,8219 NE Glisan Street, (503) 823-3675

·         Peninsula Pool700 N Rosa Parks Way, (503) 823-3677

·         Pier Pool, 9341 N St. Johns Avenue, (503) 823-3678

·         Sellwood Pool7951 SE 7th Avenue, (503) 823-3679

·         Wilson Pool1151 SW Vermont Avenue, (503) 823-3680


Indoor Pools (open year-round)

·         Columbia Pool, 7701 N Chautauqua Blvd, (503) 823-3669

·         East Portland Pool, 740 SE 106th Avenue, (503) 823-3450

·         Matt Dishman Pool, 77 NE Knott Street, (503) 823-3673

·         Mt. Scott Pool, 5530 SE 72nd Avenue, (503) 823-3183

·         Southwest Pool, 6820 SW 45th Avenue, (503) 823-2840


Portland Parks & Recreation pools also offer open play swims, water exercise classes, junior lifeguard training, junior swim training, summer swim teams, and special events.


PP&R offers swim lessons for all age groups and ability levels, and parents who want to enroll their children in swimming lessons should act now. Most sessions include 10 lessons for $55.00. There is also a FREE Learn to Swim session from June 19-22.  Free Lesson registration is walk-in (in person) registration only on Saturday, June 16 from 8:00am-11:30am at your neighborhood pool. 



Clases de natación con instrucción en español están disponibles a Columbia Pool, Montavilla Pool, East Portland Community Center, y Pier Pool. (Swim lessons with instruction in Spanish are available at Columbia Pool, East Portland Community Center, Montavilla Pool, and Pier Pool.)


Special events

Portland Parks & Recreation Aquatics will show Toy Story as our 2018 Dive-In Movie this August. All ages welcome to watch from the pool (on an air mattress or innertube you bring) or from the pool deck. Admission prices apply. Please see the website for more information and Dive-In Movie schedules for Pier, Wilson, Montavilla, Creston, and Sellwood Pools.

For more information on all Aquatics offerings, including how to register for swimming lessons or participate in other summer activities, contact the pool near you, visit the PP&R Aquatics website, or call the Aquatic Administration Office at 503-823-5130.



Sebastian Fortino