Campus Security Agent, Portland Public Schools

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POSITION SUMMARY: Under general supervision, survey and patrol District school sites to promote a safe and secure environment and advise students of appropriate standards of behavior; monitor, observe and direct the movements of campus visitors to appropriate locations; and prevent unruly and disruptive student behavior or damage to equipment or property. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: -Patrol campus buildings, grounds and parking lots while they observe student behavior and take action to prevent unruly behavior and unsafe or illegal acts; screen student and visitor entry to a campus; report the presence of unauthorized individuals at or near the school. E -Report to designated leaders all criminal activity or rumor of such activity that could possibly endanger the safety and welfare of students and staff; confer with school building administrators regarding activities, problems, recommendations regarding all issues pertaining to matters of common interest. E -Discuss current issues with students to dissuade them from destructive or injurious behavior such as gang associations, drugs, and other areas of concern; apprise department leadership and campus administrators of areas of concern to assure students receive proper guidance and counseling. E -Check assigned campus-adjacent and peripheral areas, such as parking lots, gymnasiums, and other buildings on district grounds regularly; secure buildings by locking doors and gates, as directed. E -Assist in controlling student movement and behavior on campus facilities; converse with unidentified visitors on campus to ascertain their business or purpose on campus; direct and escort unauthorized persons off school grounds and report these persons and activities to campus administration. E -Search students and their belongings or lockers for illegal or inappropriate materials in accordance with local, state and federal laws and district policy. E -Provide for a safe and secure environment at sporting events, dances and during other extracurricular activities to provide safety and prevent unruly behavior, altercations and property damage; assist in monitoring student movement and crowd control, provide support and assistance to prevent and stop fights, de-escalate and resolve conflict situations. E -Inform site administrators and District safety personnel of causes and effects of student tension on campus; prepare written reports regarding student behavior, as appropriate; submit a detailed security schedule which outlines general movements, location and activities throughout the school day. E -Assist site administration with student detention and discipline by monitoring student behavior at specified campus locations; counsel students on school rules and regulations and appropriate behavior; inform students of dress code violations. E -Assist school administrators with classroom disturbances, theft investigations and other suspect activities; make necessary referrals to law enforcement personnel in apprehending students suspected of crimes, in accordance with local, state and federal laws and district policy. E -Demonstrate a commitment to the Portland Public Schools Equity Initiative by developing a thorough knowledge and application of the district Racial Educational Equity Policy. Participate in staff development, in-services and training related to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and in K ? 12 education; model appropriate behaviors; develop, recommend and implement improvements to business and school practices and student achievement with awareness and understanding of their impact in a racially and culturally diverse community. E -Assist in directing emergency evacuation or lock downs as directed by administrators and public safety agencies. E -Perform related duties as assigned. Note: At the end of some of the duty statements there is an italicized E which identifies essential duties required of the classification. This is strictly for use in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of: Local, state and federal laws regarding child abuse, controlled substances, loitering, truancy, alcohol and search and seizure. Individual and group adolescent behaviors, interests and attitudes. Investigation principles, techniques and laws. Diversity and cultural competency initiatives in school safety service delivery. Multi-cultural communities and specific ethnic populations. Report writing, logs and records constructs consistent with public safety standards. Safety rules and procedures to be observed by students. Standards of courtesy and behavior expected of students. Vocabulary and usage of terms common to youth. Ability to: Patrol buildings, grounds and adjacent areas to a school or District site to maintain order and prevent illegal acts. Exercise careful judgment, diplomacy and tact in the performance of duties. Demonstrate strong, empathetic listening and interpersonal relationship skills and communicate orally with students and parents. Understand, apply and explain school rules and regulations and procedures. Keep records and logs and prepare reports. Understand and follow oral and written directions. Learn District organization, operations policies and procedures. Understand adolescent behavior. Maintain security within and around an assigned building and its properties. Establish a good rapport with students. Demonstrate a non-threatening, assertive presence. Promote an environment that practices inclusion, equity and diversity. Conduct interviews and observations for investigation purposes. Deliver a high-level of customer service. Work independently under minimal supervision. Interpret, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Advocate, model, learn and implement Portland Public School?s Racial Equity Initiative, Affirmative Action and other board policies. Manage conflict, deal with controversy and handle sensitive information and data with confidentiality. Demonstrate strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills. Be consistent, firm and supportive with students while attending to their safety. Act and communicate effectively in crisis situations. Exercise physical force when necessary in restraining a student or adult in accordance with established policies, procedures, guidelines and laws. Operate a two-way radio. Operate a vehicle observing safe and defensive driving techniques. Operate a variety of technologies, software and office machines. Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others. Education and Training: Equivalent to graduation from high school with college coursework in the administration of justice, psychology, police science, ethnic studies and/or adolescent and child development are required. Experience: Six (6) months of experience as a sworn or non-sworn security officer is required. Experience working with underrepresented, diverse communities with at-risk youth, adolescents or young adults in a structured environment is preferred. Any other combination of training and/or experience that could likely provide the desired skills, knowledge or abilities may be considered. Special Requirements: Positions in this classification require possession of a valid Class C Oregon or Washington driver's license and may require the use of a personal automobile. Current American Red Cross or equivalent standard first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation certifications are required within six (6) months of employment and must be maintained throughout district employment. In accordance with the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, any person working as a Campus Security Agent must be certified as an un-armed private security professional (ORS. 181.870; OAR 259-060-0005 thru OAR 259-060-0450). Prior to assignment at a school site, certification will be provided at District expense within the first two weeks of employment. School Safety & Security continuing education courses and certifications are required to be maintained throughout the course of employment. Some positions in this classification may require the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in a language other than English.