President Obama: Act Now to Stop the Separation of Families and Address Children Seeking Refuge from Violence with Compassion

by Melanie Davis
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By Andrea Miller - Causa Executive Director, Special to El Hispanic News
In June, House Republicans failed to meet the deadline to advance immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  With over 1,000 families separated every day through deportation, it now falls on the shoulders of President Obama to take executive action to stop the separation of families. While immigration reform advocates were taking action nationwide in late June, media reports began surfacing of groups of unaccompanied children coming across the southern border seeking refuge in the United States to flee violence and conflict in Central America.  This tragic situation isn't new.  In reality, children from Central America have been trying to escape violence in their home countries by seeking refuge throughout the region. It's just recently that the U.S. has begun to see an increase in child refugees due to the increase in violence. Although many elected officials and community leaders came at the issue with compassionate hearts, there were some that retaliated by verbally attacking the children for just wanting to be free from violence.  In Murrieta, California, anti-immigrant protestors blocked buses trying to deliver the child refugees to a living facility. On July 18th and 19th, a few misguided anti-immigrant groups tried to incite anger against these children by holding signs on highway overpasses.  These despicable actions and hate just add to the violence and fear that these children are already facing. Causa's position is that the children fleeing to the United States to escape violence should be treated with compassion, are taken care of, provided for, and have safe refuge from the violence they’ve escaped.  And above all else, they must have due process. The United States has a legal and moral responsibility to protect these children and must serve as a model to the world in treating these children with compassion. The children fleeing violence and the 11 million people caught in our broken immigration system both need immediate solutions. Inaction is not an option. Please call the White House today at 866-473-5915 and tell President Obama that he must do the right thing to protect these children and not return them to the violence and danger they fled from, AND he must act swiftly to jump-start the process to allow 11 million people to live, work, and stay in this country. To get the latest on Causa’s work to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform visit our website at and checkout our Facebook page at