by Melanie Davis
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¡Fernando!WHEN: SEPT. 5TH WHERE: THE SECRET SOCIETY Portland is about to receive a heavy jolt of musical voltage from the scene that made it rock hard at the turn of the millennium: it's been 15 years since "Pacoima", the third album by Fernando Viciconte, made its Latin-flavored impact on the late-90's Stumptown rock and roll scene. Unbeknownst to its creators (Fernando and his longtime musical cohort Luther Russell) it was the first EVER "rock en espanol" record released out of the Northwest. And to put it mildly, the town went crazy for it. The shows were legendary and the music has held up beautifully. The entire eight-track-cassette-recorded album will be revisited by Fernando and Luther in honor of the record release party for "Amexica", the sophomore effort by Portland bassist-in-demand Freddy Trujillo, produced in Los Angeles by Russell. A member of now-defunct Mexican rock band Caguama and now both Richmond Fontaine and The Delines, Freddy endured some major hardships in birthing his opus: a major car accident, his father's life-threatening illness and the death of Caguama's leading light, Raul Ugalde. The album is nothing less than a psychedelic Chicano-rock epic exploring themes of immigration, assimilation, family and the experience of growing up torn between two worlds. This exciting show will be rounded out by the resurrection of the KB's, a crazed blues duo formed by Russell and Portland's own local garage-rock madman Nate "Natron" Andrews. They only played a handful of shows in the early ought’s, but they made an instant impact on those that were there. Come out to the Secret Society September 5th for a night of rock and roll Cain: born and raised in Portland. Trujillo - AMEXICA (Press Release): http://truebelieversbelieve.com/trujillo/Amexica%20Press%20Release.pdf https://soundcloud.com/fernandoviciconte/sets/pacoima-1/s-uEVqX Trujillo - Aztlan (download link) Trujillo - AMEXICA (.zip Download link)