Aquí se encuentra la lista sin-exhaustiva de las acciones de la Administración Trump tomadas en el ámbito de inmigración desde que se convirtió en presidente el 20 de enero de 2017.

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El Hispanic News endorses the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Initiative 2018

El Hispanic News fully endorses the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Initiative 2018 and recommends Portland voters support the fund with a yes vote on Measure 26-201 this November.

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Labor Commissioner Cites Three Southern California Restaurants Over $1 Million for Wage Theft

“These conditions—long hours with no breaks and subminimum wages—are classic examples of wage theft, and employers who make their profit by breaking the law will be held accountable,” said Labor Commissioner Julie A Su.

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In this article, you will find the non-exhaustive list of Trump Administration’s actions taken in the immigration realm since becoming president on January 20, 2017. Keep in mind, not a single new immigration law has been passed by Congress during this time period, demonstrating the vast power the Executive Branch has over immigration policy and Congress’ lack of ability to take Legislative action:

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Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy

“Traditionally prepared Latin foods tend to be carb heavy, deep fried, and full of salt and fat,” says Hoffmann, cooking personality and author of Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy: More Than 100 Diabetes-Friendly Latin Favorites. “This is a major concern for people with diabetes or prediabetes.

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